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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bicycles of Cali, Colombia

There are a lot of bicycle riders in the streets of Cali, Colombia. There are a lot more then in the streets of NYC. It probably has something to do with the large degree of poverty in Colombia. There are few means of transport that are cheaper and more reliable then a bike.

Most people in Colombia seem to use their bikes for commuting and single speed roadsters are common in the flat mountain valley that is Cali.

But even BMX bicycles are common means of transporting people and goods for sale. The gentleman below is apparently selling brooms off the back of his BMX.

Tricycles are also very common as they can carry more stuff and are more stable. There were a myriad of sales people selling anything you can imagine. This is the milkman making his "special" delivery.

There is nothing tastier then fresh bread. Well, this particular baker sells his wares off the front of his trike. His wheat bread is all natural and delicious! Although he looks angry, I asked his permission before I took the picture.

This was an attempt to take the picture without a flash on a different night when it was raining. As you can see, I wasn't very successful.

Selling ice cream off the back of a trike was also very common.

This dude's megaphone plays Fer Elise. You don't believe me? See the video.

These two dudes are selling something called mazamorra. It's a creamy and milky drink that is served cold and has bits of corn floating around in it. It is kind of bland in my opinion and I don't find it particularly appealing but Colombians LOVE IT!

Sometimes trikes were used to carry cargo such as dishwashers, fridges, or dryers. Unfortunately I did not have a camera handy or was in an unsafe place when I saw them so I have no pictures. The closest I came was an empty one.

Then there was a night watchman that I would hear every night honking his horn. He was out there in the wee hours of the night, rain or shine. Finally two nights before I was to leave I was able to take some pictures of him and video tape him.

Cow Bike!

Cow Bike!
Maes kept getting attacked by the cows whenever she biked through the fields. She decided camouflage would be the only way to survive.

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