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Life is meant to be lived on the back of a bike. At least the fun parts. This blog is an effort on my part to convert the world into bikers, starting with my friends living here in Fresh Meadows! Even if I have to do it single handedly, I will civilize the bikers of New York!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New York Bike Expo

This past weekend I attended the NYC Bike Expo with The Bike Diva. It was mostly a sign-up area for the Five Borough Bike Tour with some vendors and informational segments, but it was free and totally worth the time to be around so many bike people. I was able to get some terrific pictures and there was also a spin class on the water that TBD attended.

This was her view while spinning away -

Nonetheless I had a great conversation with Bruce Weinreb, who is a sales Director at Worksman Cycles. This company has a reputation for building great quality bikes right here in New York City. I never realized how affordable their prices are and purchasing from them would be supporting a local manufacturing business, which is always good.

Their bikes are built the old fashioned way, with lugged steel frames. As much as I love my Pashley, this bike might be of slightly better build design as their rear rack is welded on instead of bolted on. I have had problems with my rear rack shifting with use over time. TBD needs a good commuter bike and we may go visit the factory in Ozone Park, Queens to check some bikes out.

The coolest thing I saw was the commuter bike train being set up by NYC Bike Train. Let me preface by saying that I truly believe that if more people biked in the city instead of drove, this city would be a better place to live, work, and play. I also believe that there is safety in numbers which is one of the reasons I started this blog. I want to encourage people to bike when they never thought it possible before. I want people to realize commuting by bicycle is a viable option that is good for you, good for the environment, and good for our civilization.

I have gotten many people to start biking when they never thought they would and I continue to encourage my non-biking friends to do it. The biggest excuse I get is, I'm scared to bike in Manhattan. That is a valid excuse. I've been biking for about 30 years and I'm scared sometimes on the NYC roads. That is why this bike train is AWESOME! I urge you all to follow them on Twitter @nycbiketrain or start similar initiatives in your towns.

Biking alone is great, but biking in a group is awesome because it is safer, less stressful, and social. As one of the presenters said, you impart the experience of the train conductor to those less experienced in the train. It's a great idea I wish to push to everyone I know. Join a bike train!

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Cow Bike!

Cow Bike!
Maes kept getting attacked by the cows whenever she biked through the fields. She decided camouflage would be the only way to survive.

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