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Life is meant to be lived on the back of a bike. At least the fun parts. This blog is an effort on my part to convert the world into bikers, starting with my friends living here in Fresh Meadows! Even if I have to do it single handedly, I will civilize the bikers of New York!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bicycle Riding the Way It Should Be, In Groups!

I always say that my number one priority for getting people to bike ride is a selfish one, namely my SAFETY! The more bike riders there are out there, the safer I am. Of course the nice by product of that is that everyone else, pedestrians, bikers, and motorized vehicle drivers are safer too. Amsterdam is a perfect example where car-bike accidents are rare and when they happen you can usually blame a dumb tourist. Here is some video of me social biking Amsterdam with some friends. See how orderly and happy the streets are?

Many studies show that bicycle riders on a street lower the amount of accidents. I could do my due diligence and add citations. Since I know my audience (love you mom!) is uber sophisticated or just believes everything I say, I'll let you Google it yourselves to fact check my facts, just assume I always tell the truth, or instead allow me to wow you with another video. Bread, circuses, pictures and video for my fans now!

It's fairly easy to get my friends to bike ride to the nearby parks or the store around the corner (it's not THAT easy - I succeed somewhere around 20% of the time that I ask and I am being generously positive in saying 20% of the time). Trying to get people to bike ride in populated areas like Manhattan or Boston is slightly harder. In my whole life it has probably been less then 10 times that anyone has gone bike riding with me in Manhattan or other highly populated area. They have always been wonderful experiences, but very rare in my adult life. I can't really describe it but there is a joy that comes from bicycle riding with others. It relaxes, it entertains, it's safer, it makes the hills almost disappear, and it's just so much fun!

Now, because of the NYC Bike Train, Social Cycling New York City, & the Bayside Social Cyclists, that will all change. No longer will I be forced to bike alone. On a regular basis I can get my biking with friends fix fulfilled. I recently rode with Social Cycling New York City and it was a great bunch of riders doing it for the love of biking. If you are too far to join the Meetup, then start one in your town and take the world over with bikes, 1 block at time. Bikes won in Amsterdam so I don't see why they can't win in New Amsterdam!


Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

What? No picture of suburban social cycling in MA? *cries*

Enrique E. Facundo said...

Ha ha. You are so right! I was going to post the group pic, but I didn't because I had already posted it on the blog and I try to not post the same pics more then once.

Nonetheless, I was able to find a pic of us group biking that I hadn't posted. None during the Halloween ride unfortunately, probably because of how ungainly my costume was to bike in.

I did add the group picture though because we all look so hot.

Cow Bike!

Cow Bike!
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