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Life is meant to be lived on the back of a bike. At least the fun parts. This blog is an effort on my part to convert the world into bikers, starting with my friends living here in Fresh Meadows! Even if I have to do it single handedly, I will civilize the bikers of New York!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh The Difference a Bike Ride Can Make

For years now I have been primarily riding my 3 speed English roadster. Although I love the upright and comfortable riding position, as well as it's carrying capacity for errands, I average about 6mph on that lovely beast. It weighs about 37lbs and has a classic ratio of 75-100-133 split on the 3 speeds.


Slow bike riding is great and much, much safer but sometimes you need to get somewhere fast or you have a large distance to travel or you have hilly territory to pedal. My Trek has a ratio split of 41 to 108, which combined with the light weight, provides incredible hill climbing ease (without the "granny" gear). Whatever the reason, a light road bike is sometimes the best option. Last Saturday was such a day. Sam the Eagle needed my car, and having just had my road bike fixed days earlier, I decided to deliver the car to him and bike ride back home.

On my way to the Eagle's nest, I saw a street fair where they were selling grilled corn! I dropped off the car and made my way back to 86th Street and 3rd Avenue. After eating grilled corn on the cob, chicken on a stick, meat on a stick, 3 cups of lemonade, and a mozzarepa - combo corn tortilla and mozzarella cheese - I biked home.

The Trek weighs about 18lbs and has clips for my feet so not only am I pushing on the pedals, but I am pulling on them too. This allows the full use of all leg muscles and also provides a more complete workout for your legs. I haven't gone this fast in a long, long time and I loved it!. I averaged almost 13mph the whole ride home and I peaked at about 26mph on the downhill portion of the 59th Street Bridge.

Using a nifty program on my Blackberry called MapMyFitness, I was able to record my ride and create this 3D movie. You'll be able to tell where I was going fast and where I wasn't. Add terrain to your map view and it will be obvious why. Enjoy!

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